Pressure washing Baltimore MD

There are times when cleaning calls for professionals with specialized training and equipment to get the job done right. You can trust your cleaning jobs - big or small - to UniKlean Pressure Washing. When the job calls for Baltimore pressure washing services, UniKlean is the one to call. We are a team of professionals with a long list of satisfied and repeat clients. UniKlean is your preferred option when you need pressure washing services Baltimore MD.

Before describing all that we can do for you, allow us to tell you why we are so proud of the UniKlean team. As members of the Professional Cleaners Association we are staffed with factory trained and uniformed technicians. Our team members take pride as professionals in seeking to ensure your satisfaction by meeting and exceeding the highest quality standards. When you call us to take care of your cleaning needs we come as guests motivated to achieve your total satisfaction. Our team members are bonded and insured and are always focused on getting the job done right, on time and with minimal inconvenience to you. Our success in achieving that goal is reflected in our coveted high ranking on Angie's List.

When it comes to pressure washing services Baltimore MD, you can rest assured that UniKlean is the company that you will be glad you selected.

If you are considering a power washing service, you understand the importance of regular, professional cleaning. Regular cleaning is not just a good practice for health and sanitation purposes. Maintaining items such as your exterior roofs and fences and interior carpets and furnishings can extend their useful lives. Unattended, these items are susceptible to damaging algae, molds and fungi that stain and discolor surfaces. Left to grow, these undesirable visitors can cause extensive and costly damage.

Aside from health and preventative maintenance issues, regular cleaning can preserve an almost "like new" appearance for your driveways, roofs and porches. Your exterior will be clean and bright and you will avoid the odors and discolorations that dirt and grime can cause.

There are three things that our services bring to your cleaning equation. First, our specialized equipment has the ability to use both strong and soft pressure to fit the exact cleaning need. On your exterior roof, gutters, siding, sidewalks and driveways we match the pressure to the surface to achieve maximum cleaning with no damage. This is especially important on roofs - our technicians know just how to get rid of the mold and stains without affecting the integrity of your roof. On the exterior projects we know how to clean all types of surfaces and materials, especially siding and roofs. When the term power or pressure washer is used, it is important to tailor the exact level of pressure to the job at hand. When selecting a pressure washing services Baltimore MD it is important to ensure that the firm you choose understands this distinction.

The second advantage UniKlean brings is just the right cleaning agents selection for your specific cleaning need. For example, there can a great deal of difference in the cleaning processes and cleaning agents between concrete, brick and masonry. Likewise different kinds of stains can only be addressed with the correct cleaning agents. We use totally safe and environmentally friendly cleaning agents that are selected for the specific surface being cleaned. This is an area that is definitely not "one size fits all" and we use only the best premium products to work effectively with our specialized equipment.

We believe the third advantage that we bring to you is our knowledge and expertise. We take pride in the fact that cleaning is not just spraying water. We know exactly what to look for and how to clean it. It is a fact that dirt and grime can simply seem to creep up on you and almost be unnoticed. That is until we attack the problem with our trained eyes. If you don't fully appreciate the need for cleaning before our work, you will most certainly appreciate the contrast when we are finished.

In applying our knowledge and experience it surprises some people to be told that we are constantly learning and training our teams on the latest in techniques, equipment and cleaning process. Technology is improving our industry and we work to bring the latest in cleaning effectiveness to our clients.

We stress these three advantages because we sometimes find homeowners who think that just any handyman or a rental washer can do the job. All too often we have witnessed the damage that a lack of experience can cause. Aside from the danger in some uses of the power washer, incorrect use can cause expensive damage. Roofs are susceptible to their shingles being torn and the seals broken, especially in the next high winds. Incorrect use can leave water in walls and cause serious mold problems. Incorrect pressure and especially the wrong cleaning agents can have serious effects on stucco, masonry and wood and vinyl on exteriors.

There are some areas of life where economizing is wise but when it comes to pressure washing services Baltimore MD, it pays to choose a pro.

You will be surprised by how cost-effective our power cleaning services are when you call and request a no obligation quote. No matter the size of your cleaning needs, we at UniKlean approach each job as if it was our own home or office. All of our work is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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